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This website is showing you the type of photography Photonmaps is engaging in, the types of images Photonmaps has in stock, and provides an idea about how commissioned work is done or can be done. Obviously, the selections shown here are only a fraction of the images available for publication.

Types of tariffs and rates (business users only).
In general, Photonmaps is using two types of images:

Tariffs: as per type and size of image (excl. VAT) in Euro's. Extra charges are billed for usage of an image on front or back covers of publications.

Type of image: < ½A4 | ½A4 - A4 | > A4

An exclusive collection of fine art prints is available. Please contact the photographer for sizes and prices.

Series of images (reportage) are tailored to the specific needs of a client. This type of photography is based on time & material (daily rates) for integrated production:

Prices for this type of digital imagery on request (based on submitted quotation).

For individual images on request (consumer users only), special arrangements are in place. Please, contact Photonmaps for more information on this.

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